Open Cup Bra, Shelf Cup Bra

Looking for an Open Cup Bra :-D

Open cup bras are absolutely one of the very best items you can have in your personal lingerie boutique.

open cup shelf bra

Black Open Cup Bra

The vast majority of women have never even owned an open cup bra! Which is extremely surprising, maybe even a little shocking.

Shocking because, speaking as a woman, what is more womanly than our breasts! Open cup bras today come in just about every common cup size for women. It truly doesn’t matter if you are a woman with an “A” cup or a plus size woman with large breasts. There is an open cup bra out there for you. They come with adjustable straps and hook-and-eye back. There are Lace Shelf Bras, Stretch Bras, Bar Lace Shelf Bras and so many different types of open cup bras out there today for women to choose from. Open Cup Bras are most commonly called Shelf Bras. You can find some extremely nice ones by going to Open Cup Shelf Bra


The majority of the time when we buy sexy lingerie, we keep it only for the bedroom. To share with that special guy of ours on those certain nights when he usually has to ask you to put something on. Or if you’re on vacation, or on a weekend getaway only to come out in the evening when you’re in the hotel room, which usually works out, being a fantastic weekend in LOL :wink: :wink: . However, lingerie is also supposed to make you feel good, even great about yourself as well. You can find some Fantastic Open Cup Lingerie Here ; )

Sexy Open Cup Self Bra

Sexy Open Cup Self Bra

Lingerie makes you feel sexy, and when you feel sexy, it naturally puts you in a better mood. No, seriously really think about it. Why do you buy nice dresses or blouses or even jeans that you might think makes your butt look good? The very same thing goes for your lingerie. If you are wearing something that makes you feel better about yourself, then that is naturally going to put you in a better mood all day. Also I think your partner would like it as well, don’t you?

So what if you started wearing your open cup bras underneath your everyday clothes, Huh? 8-O

Yes, under your everyday clothes! Have some fun! You only live once and who would know :wink: ?

Open cup bras now come with a support wire which would give you the same lift and support as a full cup bra would but, it would be an open cup bra.

Rhinestone Open Cup Bra

Rhinestone Open Cup Bra

Again who would know :wink: :wink: ?

You can find some bras that would nice by going to Open Cup Bras

Wearing your Open Cup Bra, Shelf Cup Bra, ½ Cup Bra and your ¼ Cup Bra Everyday

Imagine this:

It’s Friday morning and you’re getting ready for work. Without saying a word to anyone, you put on your open cup bra. After your at work and settled in, you send a simple little text message to that man of yours telling him what your wearing under your clothes.

Instantly, you would have his undivided attention! Not only that, but you would be able to keep it all day long and he wouldn’t even be in the same room or building, maybe not even the same city! But all he would be thinking about is YOU!!!

Chopper Bar Lace Boobless Shelf Bra

Chopper Bar Lace Boobless Shelf Bra

He can’t help it! It’s how he’s built. Remember, in one way or another, he thinks about sex every seven seconds. So he would be thinking about you every seven seconds all day long! What a way to start the weekend :-D !!!

Now just imagine if you did the very same thing Monday morning LOL.

My personnel preference for my open cup bras you see by going to Open Cup Bra.

Plus Size Open Cup Bra

If you are a plus size women, you have a large variety of shelf bras to choose from, Shelf Bra Corset, Plus Size Exposed Fishnet Bustier, Plus Size Exposed Cupless Bustier, Plus Size Lace Shelf Bra, Open Cup Lace Chemise, and on and on!

Plus Size Open Cup Black Bra

Plus Size Open Cup Black Bra

The wide range of colors and styles seem endless.

Open Cup Lingerie

Open Cup Lingerie

There are SOooo many different  styles of Open Cup Lingerie for women to choose from. What ever size or age you are, there is something out there for you :-D

If you would like to see some of the one’s that I liked you can check them out by Plus Size Open Cup Bra

Also girls remember, with open cup bras, open cup shelf bras, open cup teddies or any other piece of open cup lingerie you wont have to take it off during those intimate encounters with your man.

Again go now and make your days and nights more fun and exciting with aOpen Cup Bra!

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